Engaged and experienced product designer with strong strategic thinking and wide skillset from concept work all the way to finished product.

I have worked several years as an industrial designer before venturing into car design. I believe this combination gives me a unique skillset, ranging from the design thinking and problem solving practiced within industrial design, to the intensely skill driven practice of car design, creating high quality compelling visuals and attention to details and surfacing.

I have work experience from major international corporations like the LEGO Company and Volvo Car Corporation as well as smaller consulting operations.
This experience has given me a deep understanding and  know-how on what it takes to bring a product to a highly competitive international marketplace.

Extensive experience driving and managing highly complex projects with cross functional teams.

Learning new things is a major driving force in my life, and working with interesting products that make an impact is my passion.

I believe strongly that a well executed product is the ultimate brand builder.

Feel free to contact me for further enquiries.


Dan Sevaldson
Minister Ditleffs Vei 16
0862 Oslo